British considering fuel poverty

The British government is considering a voucher scheme to tackle fuel poverty in light of increasing energy costs, reports BBC News Online.

According to the report the government is concerned that rising energy costs are having a negative effect on poorer households. The report also notes that alongside sharp increases in energy costs

Turning on

Electricity is easy to understand, right? It's generated by burning something somewhere or maybe from sunlight or wind, and then races down the wires just in time for you to turn the lights on.

Not quite. Electrical power is so ubiquitous that we don't really feel the need to understand it – and in an ideal world we wouldn't need to – but in today's energy conscious

Blue-blood says biofuel is green

Ron Oxburgh, perhaps better known as Lord Ernest Ronald Oxburgh, Baron Oxburgh, KBE, FRS, PhD - or perhaps not - says that environmentalist George Monbiot's campaign against biofuel has "gone too far."

Writing in the Guardian Oxburgh, a former non-executive director of Royal Dutch Shell