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'Recycled' waste ends up as landfill

Britain's Sunday Telegraph has reported that environmentally-conscious householders are being conned into thinking they are recycling their waste.

A report by Andy Bloxham says that: "thousands of tons of material put out to be recycled [...] secretly

ends up at landfill."

The Telegraph's story, based on a report by Britain's Local Government Association, a national body representing local councils in England, Scotland and Wales, claims: "240,000 tons of paper, glass and plastic is either dumped or burned after being collected in green bins and bags by local council staff, according to the Local Government Association, which represents town halls across the country."

Environmental campaigners say co-mingling allows councils to massage figures by claiming they are recycling waste which actually ends up at landfill. Paul Bettison, chairman of the Local Government Association Environment Board, said the 240,000 tons was only 1.6 per cent of the total recycling material collected.


Last modified on Monday, 03 March 2008 19:11