Climate change summit hijacked by biggest polluters

A vital meeting in Copenhagen this weekend that will help shape the agenda for the most important climate change talks since the Kyoto protocol has been hijacked by some of the biggest polluters in the world, critics claimed today.  

Emissions lower in 2008 for carbon trading companies

Data supplied to the EU Commission by the Environmental Protection Agency shows that the verified emissions of greenhouse gases in 2008 for companies in Ireland covered by the Emissions Trading Scheme are lower than the previous year

Gore optimistic that world will agree deal on climate change

Al Gore, the former US vice-president, delivers an upbeat assessment of the global response to climate change today, saying he believes a "political tipping point" has been reached which will enable leaders to avert environmental catastrophe.

More bad news on climate change expected

More bad news on climate change is expected as more than 2,000 climate scientists gather in Copenhagen. They will be trying to pull together the latest research on global warming ahead of political negotiations later in the year.

Massive ice shelf on verge of break-up

An ice shelf about the size of Connecticut is breaking up and "hanging by a thread" from the Antarctic Peninsula because of global warming, the British Antarctic Survey said on Tuesday.

New climate talks end with no sign of consensus

The fourth meeting of the "Gleneagles dialogue" on global warming ended last week with no sign of a consensus on a new global climate policy after the Kyoto protocol on greenhouse gas emissions expires in 2012.

Guide book hits out at our lack of eco-awareness

IRELAND'S 40 shades of green does not include the all-important "eco-green" and that is severely tarnishing its reputation with tourists according to travel bible, the Lonely Planet.

After 200 days of research by seven contributors including the main author, Fionn Davenport, the latest edition on Ireland, released yesterday, provides the usual mix of reviews, some complimentary others critical, of Ireland's main tourist hotspots.

Yet again Bundoran, Co Donegal, comes in for criticism. In 2006, the guide described it as "a kitsch assortment of half-baked fairground rides, flashing arcades, fast-food diners and overpriced B&Bs".