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SMET is an award-winning local company...

...dedicated to delivering innovative Self Levelling Floor Screeds, Renders, Plasters, Professional Tanking & Tiling Systems, Natural Hydraulic Lime products, and Streetscape® BS 7533 Compliant Mortars.

As an award-winning family run business, our strength is in delivering innovative high-quality products supported by exceptional technical and conscientious customer service.

We will take the time to advise and support you, offering onsite logistics and sound expertise. With our products and our support, you’ll soon find improved site management, time-saving, quality improvements and waste reduction.

Our quick growing success can be attributed to our unmatched wealth of expert knowledge and experience in providing technical advice, problem-solving back up and a responsive support and solution focused service.

SMET meets the complex demands of architects, specifiers, designer, and end-users – for all phases of construction.

Factory produced pump applied Sudanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate Floor Screed by Fast Floor Screed Ltd


SMET company vision:

To be the first choice for dry mortar building materials – the one who architects & specifiers turn to for expertise, detailed technical advice, and choice. 

SMET company values:

  • Innovation – SMET passionately strives to create and deliver building products that have the potential to change how we build today.
  • Quality – We will procure and deliver only the very highest quality building materials –without compromise; manufactured to the most stringent quality standards.
  • As One – Our primary asset is the people we have on board. We provide opportunity and encouragement to help our people reach their potential in an environment where mutual respect is fundamental.
  • Integrity – At SMET we succeed by doing things the right way, with respect to ethics, laws, quality, and the environment and with each other.
  • Accountability – We will acknowledge and assume responsibility for our actions, products, decisions, and policies; both as individual employees and accountability of the company as a whole.
  • Partnership – You are not just a SMET customer – you are our Partner – a Smet Supported Partner.
  • Uniqueness – SMET wants to be different from and more progressive than all other building materials suppliers; we stand for something.

SMET Team continues to achieve triple awards in latest ISO standards

SMET wins Best Small Business Award 2017_presented by Translink

SMET quality and assurances

We recognise as a supplier of superior quality building products and services, we must ensure our operations are carried out to the highest of standards.

In order to achieve this, we operate a BSI registered ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, BSI registered ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System and a BSI registered ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. These management systems define our working procedures and processes, underpinning our commitment to providing excellence in all our services, systems and products. Our aim is to achieve total client satisfaction for every aspect of our work.

SMET is dedicated to delivering the leading names in building products:

Floor Screed & Binders | Render & Plasters | Professional Tiling Systems | Streetscape® BS 7533 Mortars | NHL Binders | Premix NHL Renders & Plasters | Innovative SMET LiteFlo® Lightweight Flowing Screed | Clean Wall® Healthy Living System | Superior Technical Advice

SMET Building Products Ltd

93A Belfast Road
Co Down
Northern Ireland
BT34 1QH


UK: +44 (0) 28 3026 6833

ROI: +353 (0) 1 697 8586

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Head office/Accounts:

T: +44 (0) 28 3026 6833

F: +44 (0) 28 3026 7619

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Head Office/Accounts Sales & Technical Enquiries
93A Belfast Road
BT34 1QH


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Valhalla sheltered housing development
Valhalla sheltered housing development

3 Photos

CASEA Bauprocalc KAP 830 – Hydraulic Lime Based Render and CASEA Bauprocalc KG Hydraulic Lime Based Skim Coat were specially…

SMET lead the way with an EPD for flowing screed
SMET lead the way with an EPD for flowing screed

3 Photos

True to our promise of ‘Bringing European Innovation’, we lead the way again, in the UK and Irish Dry-Mortar industry, with the…

Comprehensive list of EPDs now available for flooring, tiling and render.
Comprehensive list of EPDs now available for flooring, tiling and render.

2 Photos

Please download EPD's for a range of SMET products: available on EPD Ireland.   EPD - CASEA Calcium Sulphate Flowing Screed  EPD…

SMET Alpha Hemihydrate Screed boosts heating at Cork passive house
SMET Alpha Hemihydrate Screed boosts heating at Cork passive house

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A liquid screed installed three years ago at a passive house in Cork City has been performing superbly, according to its architect,…



Joris Smet


Deborah Smet

Marketing Manager

Map Directions

Please download our Business Management Certificates:

OHSAS ISO 45001:2018 Certificate | Smet Building Products Ltd

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate | Smet Building Products Ltd

ISO 14001:2015 Certificate | Smet Building Products Ltd

Please download our Business Management Policies:

ISO 14001 Environmental Policy | Smet Building Products Ltd 

ISO 9001 Quality Policy | Smet Building Products Ltd

OHSAS ISO 45001 Health and Safety Policy | Smet Building Products Ltd


SMET professional memberships

We have registered with/or have become members of the following:

Constructionline Certificate Smet Building Products Ltd

ASBP Membership Certificate Smet Building Products Ltd

FMB Certificate Smet Building Products Ltd

AECB Membership Certificate Smet Building Products Ltd

IBGC Membership with a range of EPDs published 

Passive House Marketplace+ Membership with a directory published


Please download our product EPD's:

EPD - CASEA Calcium Sulphate Flowing Screed 

EPD - CASEA Rendering mortar Reinforcement Fibre Plaster | Bauprotec RHS, FLP, FLP Plus

EPD - CASEA Rendering mortar normal finishing render with special properties | Bauprotec 800, SLP, 850M, 900E, RHS

EPD_Sopro XL 444 Multi-Purpose Light Flexible Tile Adhesive 

EPD_Sopro FKM 600 Silver Multi-Purpose Flexible Tile Adhesive 

EPD_Sopro RAM 3 Renovation and Levelling Mortar 

EPD_Sopro No.1_400_ Tile Adhesive 

EPD_Sopro DF 10 Flexible Designer Grout 

EPD_Sopro FS 15® plus 

EPD_Sopro OFS 543

EPD_Sopro Rapidur® M5 747

EPD_Sopro SC 606 Tile Adhesive

EPD_Sopro SC 808 Flexible Tile Adhesive 

EPD_ Sopro TDS 823 Tanking Slurry

EPD_Sopro´s No.1 _404_Rapid-set Flexible tile adhesive

EPD_Sopro VF XL 413 VarioFlex® XL large-format flexible tile adhesive

EPD_Sopro FF 450 - Flexible Tile Adhesive

EPD_Sopro FDF 525 - Tanking Membrane

EPD_Sopro Rapidur® B5 - Rapid Drying Screed Binder

EPD_Sopro Vinyl Tile Adhesive - VBK 691

EPD - CASEA Casuplast 1000 - One Coat Gypsum Machine Plaster

EPD - CASEA Casuplast 1200 – Lightweight One Coat Gypsum Plaster 

EPD - CASEA Casuhaft rot – Gypsum Skim Finish

EPD - CASEA Casuplast 1300 – Ultra Light Weight Projection Plaster

EPD -  Sopro FL Plus – Flexible Tile Grout

EPD - Sopro HSF 748 Flexible Bonding Slurry

EPD - Sopro RS 648 Vibration Slurry

EPD - Sopro SG 602 Primer Sealer

SMET supporting architects and designers

SMET offers a comprehensive library ofSMET NBS Plus and SMET BIM objects, hosted on the National BIM Library. 

SMET BIM objects are available for download in ArchiCAD, Bentley, IFC, Vectorworks and Revit software formats under – SMET Bedding & UnderlaySMET Plasters & RendersSMET Mortars & GroutsConcreteAdhesives,Admixtures & Additives categories.

It’s reassuring to know all SMET BIM objects were among the first in the industry to meet the new NBS BIM Object Standards.