Ecocel factory tours to raise awareness of healthy, natural insulation

Ecocel factory tours to raise awareness of healthy, natural insulation

Award winning Cork-based insulation manufacturer Ecocel will shortly open its doors for a series of factory tours, with the aim of increasing awareness of the importance of eco-friendly, healthy insulation.

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Ecocel managing director John Egan said: “Nowadays, we can spend 90% of our time indoors. We want to highlight to the public the importance of using a natural product for the space we spend a lot of time in.”

Ecocel won the prestigious international bronze Green Apple award for the built environment and architectural heritage last year. The company is the only cellulose insulation manufacturer in the UK and Ireland.

Its insulation is produced by using discarded paper, which is treated with inorganic salts that act as a biocide and fire retardant. As a result, Egan said the product does not burn when treated, although it is 85% paper based, and is pest-resistant. Dust is also removed from the product during production.

Ecocel is reusable beyond the lifespan of a building, and has a naturally low carbon footprint, acting as a carbon sink. It has a thermal conductivity of 0.038 W/mK. The insulation has NSAI Agrément certification for both horizontal (attic) and vertical (walls) installations.

Ecocel insulation is pumped into spaces by trained professional installers, creating an airtight seal. The product is suitable for the insulation of timber framed homes, as well as attics and roofs in domestic and commercial properties. “It is great news for those looking to lower their bills by improving their building energy performance and their impact on the planet,” John Egan said. Cellulose insulation also has the natural ability to buffer indoor humidity levels.

Ecocel is currently developing a network of trained installers, and is seeking interested tradespersons to expand its operation on the island of Ireland. The company is also currently working with a range of industries and third-level institutions as it seeks to expand its product range.

Ecocel is located in the old Ford factory building by the Cork City marina commercial park. The factory tours will present visitors with the opportunity to take a closer look at the company’s manufacturing process and learn about the product.

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