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More bad news on climate change expected

More bad news on climate change is expected as more than 2,000 climate scientists gather in Copenhagen. They will be trying to pull together the latest research on global warming ahead of political negotiations later in the year.

World 'needs radical cuts' on CO2

More carbon dioxide needs to be absorbed than emitted by 2050 in order to prevent catastrophic climate change.

New climate talks end with no sign of consensus

The fourth meeting of the "Gleneagles dialogue" on global warming ended last week with no sign of a consensus on a new global climate policy after the Kyoto protocol on greenhouse gas emissions expires in 2012.

EU close to climate deal

The Irish Times has reported that leaders of the EU member states are today close to agreeing a timetable for action on climate change.

Coalition heads for rift on new EU carbon plan

Radical plans by the European Commission to cut carbon emissions are creating the first serious policy rift between Fianna Fail and the Green Party. The far-reaching plans emerge as efforts to combat climate change come into conflict with business and economic interests.

Guide book hits out at our lack of eco-awareness

IRELAND'S 40 shades of green does not include the all-important "eco-green" and that is severely tarnishing its reputation with tourists according to travel bible, the Lonely Planet.

After 200 days of research by seven contributors including the main author, Fionn Davenport, the latest edition on Ireland, released yesterday, provides the usual mix of reviews, some complimentary others critical, of Ireland's main tourist hotspots.

Yet again Bundoran, Co Donegal, comes in for criticism. In 2006, the guide described it as "a kitsch assortment of half-baked fairground rides, flashing arcades, fast-food diners and overpriced B&Bs".

Intensive care

The emergence of climate change as a serious concern has helped create a burgeoning market for a vast range of eco technologies. All too often, however, the basic principles of sustainable design are ignored or misunderstood. Chris Croly of mechanical and electrical engineers Building Design Partnership describes the detail of a building which reveals a no-nonsense attention to sustainability.

From Rio to here

BRENDAN HOWLIN, T.D., Minister for the Environment (1994-1997) reflects on the blueprints, policies, and commitments that emerged from the Rio Earth Summit and looks at how far we have progressed since

Climate Change

Assessing the Impact on Agriculture of Predicted Changes in Irish Climate by Dr Nicholas Holden

The state of water in Ireland

With the publication earlier this year of three reports on drinking water quality, urban waste water discharges, and implementation of the phosphorous regulations, the EPA’s Office of Environmental Enforcement(OEE) has presented an overview of water management by local authorities in Ireland. Presented as a package of reports, they paint a picture of how local authorities are doing in relation to the management of water resources in the country. Construct Ireland’s Jeff Colley speaks to Doctor Matt Crowe, Programme Manager of the OEE on the state of national water quality.

The Twin Crises

Feasta Economist Richard Douthwaite on Greenhouse Emissions and the Oil Peak

Caveat Emptor

Construct Ireland Journalist Frank Coles investigates the impact posed by the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

Staying Power

Biomass, CHP, District Heating
Responding to the Department of Communications, Marine & Natural Resources’ Green Paper “Towards a Sustainable Energy Future for Ireland”, Mark Coyne, Technical Director of Dalkia Ireland, outlines the challenges and responses to the three main pillars of the Green Paper – sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply.

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