Partel launches paper-based membranes

Partel launches paper-based membranes

Galway-based sustainable building product supplier Partel has launched two new paper-based membrane products, Izoperm Plus Eco and Vara Plus Eco.

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The company describes Izoperm Plus Eco as a paper-based sustainable vapour control layer membrane, and Vara Plus Eco as a paper- based smart ecological vapour control layer membrane.

The products are intended to provide a solution for internal applications, improving indoor air quality and ensuring optimum protection against humidity in the building structure, while helping minimise heat loss.

Developed to enhance the sustainable features of Partel’s Vara and Izoperm vapour control layer membranes, the company is in the process of obtaining Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to quantify their ecological impacts – and expects to be able to demonstrate how the use of the products will help achieve embodied carbon reductions.

Composed of up to 60 per cent renewable FSC-certified paper, the products contain a three-layer fabric mesh reinforcement for high tear-resistance, combining strength, airtightness and moisture management.

Compliant with the stringent requirements of the Emicode eco label system, Izoperm Plus Eco meets the Ecolabel Emicode EC1 PLUS. Driving sustainability for reduced carbon emissions where it is primarily used on internal walls, ceilings, and floors, it prevents heat loss with an SD value of 20 m for achieving optimal thermal insulation. Izoperm Plus Eco is designed to be compatible with all conventional building systems and insulations.

Vara Plus Eco consists of up to 62 per cent of FSC-certified paper and has been designed to maintain the optimum airtightness in the building envelope, while providing active moisture control via hygro-variable technology. Partel said the product can be utilised in the most demanding of conditions as an inner airtight membrane and as a vapour control layer for externally vapour-open build-ups, ensuring compatibility with all conventional insulations.